Works About


I changed my portfolio every year(portfolio in 2016). I did design and coding by myself, made something werid for my portfolio. I did three chanllenges for my portfolio.

  1. make 3d model including rigging and animation.
  2. You can interact with all keybard action and mouse action.
  3. make several variations with my portfolio and its content in 2017

The theme of the po kyeboard

3D model

I used blender for making 3D model and three.plugin for three.js exporter to use webgl.

I made simple hand model like mouse curson in browser. There are 3 states of hand action: normal, rollover, and click. I added rig for hand, and made animation for both based on hand model.

I made key model for keyboard. some key has two state: normal and rollover.


My portfolio site is pure webgl website. You can interact with keyboard or custom 3d cursor.

If you click work with the custom cursor or type 'w' or 'e' or 'r' or 'k', work scene is overlayed. 'about' page works in same way.


I wanted to use my portfolio as the boilerplate. That means I can add several variation to it.

You can see the variation from my portfolio or the links below. There is no contents updated for it. You can play with it.</>