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Line synchronizing with music

the circle line animation with audio api, Mubert. I used fft to get wave info and recorded past wave info. I generated smooth audio synchronized line with music.

Colloboration with external face recognition api

You can take your photo by yourself and analyze your face such as your age or your feeling. we use Microsoft face recognition api. we send data of face for external service after taking photo, and wait for its data for a few seconds.

I show the outline of the eye or mouth in your face and infromation from its api in the next page.

selfie stamp

Selfie stam is generated based on the picture. picture has no depth data. I made fake depth data from color data of picture.

all vertice in selfie stamp line has uv map data. I assigned color based on uv map data and picture. picture has rgb color, first I coverted it into gray color data, then coverted gold color with gray color data.

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